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Mitchell's Practical Hints on the State of the System* 451
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and this explains why paralytics are rarely if ever seen suffering
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tence." Dr. Mott, says the Traveller, comes out in favor of to-
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referred to. A certain number of cases were bled, and hardly
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same time, the other side of the chest moves freely, sounds reson-
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which Sir Thomas Barlow kindly allowed me to share. In
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Faculty eicct; whereupon, in the elegant and classical phraseology
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solution. Robertson also employed it, but does not speak
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and gestures), rubrics, rubricated running titles, red and blue 1 IT, initials and upright
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Begins (15, 4 [f. 156] r°. col. a, lines 1-4): Electuaria calida sunt hec [rubric] | D [rubricated
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(with iv, 1.), and showing traces of paper now all but scraped off its recto, iii, 2. attached.
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made a most beautiful and affecting prayer," at the close of which
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to the medical public. The subject which was selected for the an-
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pleurisy suddenly developed, which progresses rapidly and produ-
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gestive, we profess to have contracted some personal acquaintance
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which open into it, to wit, the frontal, maxillary, and anterior
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16 cardura light-weight western saddle
and relative exhaustion in advance of the other body cells,
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quainted with a celebrated lady, who was kept by a nobleman's brother;
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de véritable valeur scientifique. Un contrôle préalable des buts de l'expérience est par
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except those mentioned below. Two cases of orchitis occurred,
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routine work, bougies, which are soft at the neck and in the
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the fact is that gentlemen wishing to study medicine should be re-
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Begins : (f. 91) Appendix. | inserviens lectioni ac studio legendi.
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approach having been given. When this happens it is from ul-