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performing such operation shall receive from the State such

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patient is good ; the appetite good ; the urinary secretion

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Discussion opened by W. A. Gordon, Winnebago; L. H. Pelton,

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attend to the general health by living hygienically,

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Senator's clinic at the Charite is called the Third

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aortic murmur changes to a more whizzing character. This addi-

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of appendicitis was made. In only one case, I believe, have I found

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and worshipped Satan — Satan, by Fuseli — Cain, when God shut the

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called buboes, and compared with those that occur in the plague, occasionally

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that of the man the process was longer, owing to the greater thickness

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McNutt, N. F. : Report on the Etiology of Leprosy to the California State Med. Soc., San

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tine is usually recommended as the antidote, but only the

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It is my opinion that we ought to be very glad of these

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annual meeting of this Association, which was held in Potts-

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the methods of their introduction and spread; (3) the

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with available data regarding presently licensed whole-cell

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disclose evidence of periodicity in an increase of ailments at reirular

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themselves in a linear manner, in the same _,.• ^ e ' \ ^ : **!% \ - J - , '

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made licenses by the charters of the college conferring

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the apposition of transections of a subcylindrieal mass like

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animal stales very frequently (slight catarrhal cystitis).

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Duckworth referred to other ca.ses which had occurred iu his

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vigorous and corpulent person. 1 venture to say this is the normal

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ciently utilised in the hospital ? There can hardly be

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potassium bromid was more lasting, and it is considered the

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month in The RECORD,'entitled, " The Progress and Prev-

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however, is that where ear diseases coexist with the

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tlie patient was twice attacked Avith acute pleurisy. When he

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present under observation three patients who either

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disproportion between the intensity of delirium and the height of the

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carried off insensible, 6 of whom died soon after reaching the

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fibrinous inflammatory eflusion, but also upon the character and rapidity of the 8ubs^

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Under continued stimulation the curve becomes progressively lower and more sluggish

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should be boiled afterwards), the proper ointment is to be well rahhed

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the pancreas and of the kidneys ; frequent general hyperemia of the mucosa

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or partially, or certain sets of muscles ; and in accordance

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disease. Now, unless it is in quite young subjects, the inflammatory process