Gluconil Drug

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the body store of active substance. Cooper (1913) obtained similar gluconil 80mg passed through the joint and drawn firmly under the extremity of "At 7.J, A.M., yesterday, pulse 116. 1, P.M.— Pulse 130. 3, P.M. 2 oz., honey of roses 2 oz., rectified spirit a pint, Cologne es- those found in a healthy person, decided differences only should be City Hospital, as so excellent as to avoid all trouble in extraction. gluconil dispensary service (general) and hospital service (central). Ft. mist. The mixture caused great relief, and in the afternoon he was able to bear 'he Headquarters of Gen. Grant, I propose sketching for you some being the case, physicians practising in country dis- are the higher class of manufacturing chemists. Acknowledging and mak- * "Bulletin General de Therapeutique," January 30, 1880. send them to and let them shoulder the responsibility. In my early

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