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cows." All of the cows were kept in Colchester Borough, England: 40 cows aver-
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thirty-five minutes. The dog was much smaller than that of the
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condition is associated with a previous udder disturbance, which in some instances
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truth, but the general use of prophylactic means will not in very
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it to lie more securely. A most important advantage in this
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fluid without producing any diari'hoea. The fluid passed into the
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The exact figures depend somewhat, however, upon the particular
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cardiopaths or patients with tendencies toward lumbago, gout, or so-called
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lining the walls of the tract become rigid and spindle-shaped with
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the heart lessened, and the heart therefore relieved. At the same time,
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setting down the feet and regulating the limbs has returned." It
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in not a few instances the names given by Owen appear to have tlie
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obstruction of the afferent artery at the point of deligation in the
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the onlj country in the world where medical sects are legally
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suspended in broth and injected subcutaneously in the right axilla of a large rabbit
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some pain over the caecum, but this had yielded to very mild remedies, and
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to the first occurs oftener than the second position of the cranium to
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made with crystallized ovalbumin, ovomucoid,^" crystallized edes-
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mercury appears at the tip of the pipette, pressure may be stopped
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each Examining Board has its own separate set of conditions for admitting
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Association, to which your Lordship and myself were sent as repre-
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I were most carefully carried out by Dr Ewart and myself.
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with lesions typical of spotted fever. A survivor of the ninth
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for the largest wards, and sufficient for one nurse to watch over by
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Emulsum Olei Mokehu^ cum Hypophosphatibus (U. S. p.),
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ior'- xVomas's H..>ing rangP-'^'^f «f^e" "^^V^TT^ r^ZTTor
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ground, ran about ; the ligatured limb still paralyzed. 3.54. — Fowl
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were perceptibly more actively phagocytic than normal leukocytes,
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Colon Bacilli and Treatment by Inoculation," Jour. Infect. Dis., 1909, 6, p. 224.
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in the mesial line, most frequently behind, but sometimes in front
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objects, the Council are of opinion that, for the purposes of the existing Act,
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A crude test can be made by injecting an emulsion made by
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ifestations of a general systemic blood-poison, — is explicable enough
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and permanently arrested ; the great difference between the two
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