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1. Nitrate of silver 8 gr., ginger 20 gr., syrup to form a mass ;

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will be watched with anxious interest. Except in the cases in which the cardia

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epileptiform convulsions, coming on by paroxysms, but which can

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even put to the torture, but they still persisted in their innocence.

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in lessening the acuteness of the pain. While preparations

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cej?sors. The state is supplied with hospitals as never before, and

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In other cases the track of the bullet may involve only the external

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News. Phila., 1883, xlii, 7.50.— Codes of ethics; a corre-

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ing to the principles I have just developed, many cases of phthisis will be

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Peter Colston was accustomed to handle a knife that belonged

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tive to increases in cigarette prices. 5 Teenagers, for example,

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lost none of the vigor, enthusiasm and energy of youth, and gained none

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pigeons. While found in milk, in various other food- prod-

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people of the State. As a profession, to a certain extent we have

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blem ; but, whenever the life of the mother and that of the foetus are poised in

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the form of diluted nitric acid, or a solution of the sulphate of copper,

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as will last a day or two, with your eye upon it all the time

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may readily be niisinterj)reted if the source is not known. Acute attacks

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places mentioned are eminently suitahle for j)atients seok-

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patient he had formerly seen with Dr Page of Carlisle. The urine

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Med. Sci., Philadelphia, 1875, cxxxvii, pp. 103-107.

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have felt that their provider was comfortable and confident dealing with their problem. Although the

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a want of a portion of the bone and an opening in the lambdoidal su-

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all of my experience in regard toruptureof the woml

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the fifth month of pregnancy it is generally advisable to treat these cases

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slightly painful on pressure. After some months other

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Smith, Xichols, and Sedgwick ; on many of which an animated

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for hv^juotics as does the use of morphine. It may be remembered

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authority or because of an oath on the word of the Master. It is

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derwent relapse, though injections of the serum had been