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disease has been successfully reproduced in this way by Gerhardt, Mari-

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three average illustrations and/or tables will be bome by the

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vide a drain for imprisoned fluid ; the wound was therefore closed from end to

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into barrels. On exposure, the juice hardens into ichite turpentine ;

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to the great intolerance of the stomach in some cases, the use of arsenic

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of blood, the breathing in one hour ^ became slow and la>

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claiming to have obtained the first prize medal at the International Exhibitions — the last of which was at Parisln 1867°wMlo

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Halifax Infirmary, but as it was found that the condition of the parts

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the healing art during the past century or more. These mementos

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Dorsal Region. The surfaces of the dorsal articular

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The waves or frequencies manifested as radiant heat

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Three years ago he was suddenly attacked by left renal colic and

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The time intervening between the beginning of the anesthetic and the

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Navy must be not under 21 nor over 28 years of age on the day of the commence-

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hirthmark of their calling answered the call of the Nation. Dangers and diffi-

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convincing proof of another kind than heretofore presented, that

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gives rise to an irritation tiiat produces arrest of ac-

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ful stimulants are no longer responded to, constipation and retention

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as seen from the case cited below. Here the stenosis was water-tight.

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jecting solutions of various chemicals, extracts of

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excision of the femur, and removed, after successive cuts

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gangrene, the internal irritant in this case — a relatively harm-

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badly and says she is very well, she will probably die."

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Ireland, Dubl., 1891-2. x, K^-HH. 'Also: Dublin J. M. Sc.,

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infants was applied the term hydrocephaloid by Marshall Hall, who

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flesh and is moderately emaciated. The skin was very itchy

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usually subside within a few days after cessation of therapy Sefum-

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the neighbouring muscles. The acute arthritis may be present only in

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sweats but slightly if at all. In the morning the compress

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excitements incident to the eventful year which is upon us. That excitement

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Art Editor. With nearly Nine Hundred Colored and Half-

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have been marked by an attack of vomiting or convulsions. In other

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present a peculiar conformation, being round or elliptical, and less

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the alum if it prove efficient. Emesis should not be carried too far, or be

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wine and water equal parts, or port wine and beef-tea in

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Pelton, Sharon J, Route 1, Box 268A, Wausaukee 54177

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short time before death. Occasionally jaundice supervenes, and in a few

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No shock, very little loss of blood, good strong pulse,

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who are turning this matter to account will scarcely believe

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Medical Journal, Scotland, says, regarding antikamnia: "In doses of three to

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Koch^s discovery of the bacillus tuberculosis, will I am sure bear me out in my

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fifteen grains. Its injurious effects on pregnant females are chiefly due to the

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it is lamentable that one should still have to speak almost

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or Zinc. The three bases are frequently combined together under

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