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head. An American veterinary surgeon diagnosed the case as glanders.
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being exchanged for earth dug out of the ground at some station, he was enabled o>
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Threat of Endocarditis, lasting 4 days, shoicn hy qnicl- hreathlng ; cutting pain nnder heart ; varying loudness of old mitral murmur.
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1. Pain in all large joints ; those of right leg and left
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attacked almost simultaneously, or during the course of a few days.
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a meeting of the Court of Examiners, on July Jgthj and, when eligible,
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which will greet the army on its return from the Rhine ?"
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increased and a slight tubal murmur could be heard. The cardiac
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bone does not always cure. In some cases, especially when of old
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apparatus combines, in a manner hitherto unattained, the qualities ne-
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one zone having terminated its second or third cycle when the next is
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majority of cases, I believe, the result has been unfavourable. Before
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19- — About this time, Mr. Synie entered into partnership with
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Dr. Francis Haynes, Los Angeles, California : three cases, all
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murmur was heard. Left lung normal. At 9.30 a.m. the thermo-
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The murmur as it disappeared generally passed into a prolonged first
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bone supports the crura of the penis or of the clitoris, and appears to
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plexy is thus summed up by Professor Maclean, the most recent and emi-
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rapidly healed. No others formed. The animal's general health was
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ance resulting from some other affection, such as pneumonia. In most
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Like most of such animals, this bitch was very irritable. As testified