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Rotundo Lying-in 'Rosvvy At.— Consulting-Physician, Dr. A.

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tracings of both radials, showing evident signs of arterial disease on

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namely the tenderness of the spinal accessory nerve. He would like

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around a central corridor open freely to the air, and warmed in win-

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that was coming on ; and he promised them he would do that to the best

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band, of brownish opacity, extending from side to side, and so much

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part of the choroid from which the tumour sprang ; but in other cases

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the well-known fact that disease or irritation of the liver is very apt to

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people. 4. To prescribe the means of care necessary for the preserva-

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previously to entering on professional study. 2. Of being at least twenty-

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affection. There were rash-like filaments of a white colour on the roots

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missioners' salaries might be lessened. We ought, however, to have a

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quired from ihem, with a very generous diet ; and he w'as certain that was

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at a distance from the sides and from each other, corresponding to

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results were equally satisfactory. In a third case Mr. Lawson formed a

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he had one of his attacks of twitching. He came under my care as an

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The question as to the right of hospital authorities to perform a post

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having been engaged in the study of Medicine during at least four years

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throat or rectum, would be instantly treated. He only appealed to the

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quire promptly and with precision into the causes of that disease ; and

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have derived much benefit from warm sea-water baths and sea-bathing.

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inconsiderable, it does not impair the value of the pulse as a test of the

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a scheme worthy of our great Association, and one which any minister

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presented /■ 114 to the KadclilTe Infirmary, Oxford, being the amount

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villas, but the rents were very high : in fact, Algeria was like a large

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At Berlin, the most extensive arrangements were made on the "east

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Gentlemen,— I appear to-day in a capacity which I have never before

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cases, the attacks ceased after the administration of the ammoniated

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and study. He cannot be too earnestly warned to fit himself for his

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According to the St. Petersburg papers, the celebrated Russian sur

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solely to the O/Jice, 37, Great Queen Street, London, W. C.

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tbe return was granted. Being verj- desirous of seeing it, I have ap-

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and three weeks, chiefly with the induced current ; but, as she did not

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