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only remedies which have withstood the test of time. Blood-letting

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Vomicae may be classified as (1) progressive and (2) non-progressive.

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agent which can compare with a full bath of 98°, reduced perhaps to

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moisture of the skin and a little debilitated feeling towards

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The Recovery Fl!o^[ La Grippe. — Since the lirst appearance

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^ For the diagnosis of this condition tlie reader is referred to the section on Hepatic

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juice is taken, it irritates the urinary organs. It contains

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may be as materially modified as the thermic effect may be by in-

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pain, voyniting, and sometimes diarrhea. The temperature may be quite

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of the blood, of course, may be lessened by the lessening of

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of carbon dioxide — in short, precisely the condition which we find in

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ing to the temperature of the water and the reactive capacity of the

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give us hope in a hitherto hopeless malady. The nose and

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attacking the cell structure itself; they act as poison to the protoplasm.

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be. Both are infectious, although the micro-organisms of

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of the profession in the country. It was said at one time of

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many a man out on diagnosis, at any rate ; and when doubt-

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discipline of men and horses, and absence of hurry and

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per cent., and in the jejunum in 1.29 per cent. The accident is usu-

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treatment of insomnia, that opprobrium medicorum, which taxes our

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convenience, and if unsuccessful an operation may be done with

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The Quince. — This fruit is useful only for preserves and

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At the present time ^>cw York and I'onintd have been iu the

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mildest to the most destructive. That a destructive effect may be

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and bidable patients the same course once a quarter will rest

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which had thrived in company — symbiositic bacteria they

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