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question of infant feeding. We have the materials. Let us

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consequence of which a diabetic patient's blood contains* sugar, and a

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for one month ; a second treatment for two months is followed by

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In this paper, arthritis is studied as a symptom of various

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be in the schools. Whether the specific poison of the sweating sick-

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electric contractility, exists, as obtains in cerebral palsy, while, upon

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covery is very rare in this form of the malady, which occurs chiefly in

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substituted for the cold douche, especially in recent cases. When the

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of the lungs and other organs. I believe that Determann's

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of ammonio-magnesia-phosphate, with many vibriones and fungi of a

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Wright's assertions, based on a method that, to the critical investigator, is

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nals, which they wear in their trousers during the day. I think this

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two, more rarely a greater number. The size varies from that of a

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tion of the os uteri are quite frequent. They hinder conception,

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infrequently be an unsuspected fracture, often merely a fissure,

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The bones are also affected in arthritis in several different

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upward and downward. A patient in my ward, by moving and

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creases in rapidity as the attack goes on, making occasionally eighty

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in the puerperal state. They either depend on local irritation or on

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as it rises, the cyst may stretch the bladder, and thus induce more

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of the abnormal secretion, the leucorrhoea (fluor albus vaginalis), is

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inward, deeply reddened by ecchymosis and injection, and to some

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enlarged. In the second week, while the exanthema becomes more

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been commenced earlier, complete resolution would probably

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livid, all the symptoms increase, and about the middle of this week

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Tuberculous basilar meningitis, as well as miliary tuberculosis of