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peritoneal cavity, there was no blood in the stomach contents vom-

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to take it, and achieved a reputation in all the great medical centers as one

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on the shin in the street. One heals instantly ; the

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compU-ated with Caries and Necrosis of the Mastoidea ;

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Contains the Essential Elements of ihc Animal Organization — Potash and Lime;

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litable of all foods for milk-fat production, and in this same con-

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ther Contribution to the Study of Malarial Eye-Affections, by Major

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carefully observed and recorded by Charcot and Pitres (14). This was

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pearing. Instances of this kind are frequent, and in such it is not unusual

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by their position : on the teats they are oval ; at the base of the

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S. The connection' between man's food and drink, and his bodily

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While I believe that the activity of any vaccine depends upon the

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Orthopadie in ibreu Heilerfolgen bei Pes varus u'nter be-

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is seldom that patients with well-marked nervous mimicries

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the appointment — namely, William Turner, M.B., Demon-

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of one sinking from a wasting disease. In this class we may have one

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the back, pressive in the pelvis, difficult micturition, desire to go to

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Granting, however, that many cases of croup arise from chilling of

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and disturbances of the gastro-intestinal tract. They are so definite, so

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rounded by inflammatory connective tissue permeated by poly-

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contains scarcely any air-bubbles. This condition is called "ede-

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his vitality. A disregard of this precaution which is the essential factor in establishing

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are only 39.9 in Manchester, 38 in Birmingham, and so

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The results obtained were : Successes, 82 per cent. ;

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EsAMiXATiox OF Recruits. — The importance of a rigid examination ol

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Fe2Cl(; to urine), unlike the other phosphates, is not appre-

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generally found on the inside of the thighs, the patient

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not unlikely that the strain thrown upon the kidneys by an excessive

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Aconitufn is found necessary, if the patient be robust and strong, and

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ticles of dirt and fermentation occurred between the

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: these so-called " functional nervous diseases " are