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that it originates in an animal poison, and is contagious, I

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2. “Tubercular” means “nodular”; “tubercu-

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tion of semen was not' interferred with, from the sensation referred to the

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of Vol. VI. 66, of Vol. Vn 120, of Vol. VIH 851 ; that some

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viscera may occur, though rarely, without gross bone

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themselves we should enter into no relation, whether of friendship or

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Society of London, &c., &c. — A New American from the last

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statement shall be adopted through conferences between

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phoid Fever as I have seen it, and not as it is spoken of in the

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four witli initial azotemia and rose in three others.

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much of the nature of a treatise, as an essay. It has, at least,

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Please mention Illinois Midical Jou»nal when writing to advertisers

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of this sase, I had the advice of Dr. Talley regularly, and occasionally,

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tice and represent safe and adequate feedings for aver-

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College of Medicine, St. Louis, 1892 ; member of the

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In a check of the first 100 cases in 1113^ alphabet-

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the difficulty in diagnosis, because of the similar

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cent of arrests for larceny, 61.7 per cent of arrests

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on this bill and every effort made to obtain passage.

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a dullness between the scapula and spine in a great

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to relief of symptoms even without positive skin tests.

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be inclusive, nor is it intended to stress the most

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pages, illustrated. New York, Grune & Stratton,

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Exercise, St. Louis, C. V. Mosby Co., 1948, p. 276.

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[ and goes deeply into the behavior problems and the

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Therefore, the authors decided to publish a transla-

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heard of its being applied to telegraphic purposes ; but of

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after clinic hours were over, these facts were not dis-

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measures. Such an institution should obviously be under the principal

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tion Board covering the schedule of fees for hospital

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earlier she had tripped and fallen flat on her face

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December 2d. — There is an evident improvement in the pulse, and in

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time to refer patients for rehabilitation; however, it

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The next meeting of the Society will be held at Troy.

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tance of co-operating with the movement; 3, that the

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acquire specialization by a series of short courses

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at Montpelier, and nine years and a half in the asylum for the insane of

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patients is at least 50 per cent of the ordinary fees

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studying series of cases. One obstruction is high up,

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anchorings. The exploration was carried on inside the

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Case 2. — E. C., fifty-six -year-old white housewife,

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