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In drdnate eruptions we often note a pale center with brownish-red borders.

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Mr. N. leads a most active life physically and mentally ; his general health is

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In "Mary Ronald's Century Cook Book," edition of 1897, the

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The bullet produces similar lesions at its point of exit, but in this

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of the departure of the Maine for China, and asked to

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of pressure in the head; nausea, and vomiting in many cases — but not

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in the same families in which severe cases are met with.

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anointed bodies to the sun, not only for pleasure, but

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become involved, and may form very considerable tumours. These may

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excellent, except for facial neuralgia, which has troubled him

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shall be affixed to the number of twelve copies, one of

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infants during the first few months of life, for which trivial reasons

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has possibly erred in this respect, and has sacrificed space

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reading of a paper by Mr. R. J. Godlee on "The Compli-

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minds, that when our physical strength declines (allowing that we

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ders the name spasmodic cholera significant. The muscular strength,

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clay-colored, pasty, fetid, acid stools. The pale color is due, in part