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subjected to a tuberculin-inoculation. Those animals, however,
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fungus, each of which gives rise to a slightly different
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signs of uneasiness, without losing a .gramme in weight.
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and apparently staggered at times ; and about three hours after
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followed by a stool, sometimes loose, sometimes formed. With many
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ning them, is fair neither to the method nor to the patient." I prefer to
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formed. A suitable place has been arranged for close to the assembly
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are neither morphologically nor biologically distinguishable from
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who are so handicapped in their profession that it is embarrassing
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of his State Association, and in agitating the need of l^islation in
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with resulting anemia, as, no matter what the cause of the splenic
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sequently, each complication must receive its appropriate treatment.
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for these teeth. It is, therefore, only reasonable to suppose that
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were actually lame, and owners and coachmen often jump at the
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past, and when matured is used only for animals. Beans
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pleuro-pneumonia, whereby millions of dollars are lost yearly to
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After one-half hour, stir thoroughly and bottle. Leave the bottles in a temperature
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Dr. T. G. Risum, of Montevideo, Minn., has been away from
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fection disappear, although an egg or two may be found
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ment Station, to plan and execute the field experiments. Our
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This dosage is for adults. The preliminary purgation is
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to kill and examine diseased fowls. We found cytodites in five of
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soundness until he has gone on the market and purchased horses exten-
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Recent researches into the birth of 16,000 foals show that 97
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of a man who attentively contemplated his own heart after it had been cut
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injection often precede and sometimes follow them. Since the pre-
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not informed how to distinguish the different varieties, or what
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made to find out the presentation; no antiseptics are
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it has been deemed possible for normal milk to assume under ordi-