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stomach in more than one-third of the cases. Of 91 cases analyzed, with
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sometimes, as in old cases of meningitis, that the optic
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observed in the cases with an irregular temperature which
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Benjamin Bell relates two cases in which death from suf-
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ber of leukocytes, as shown by the fact that the splenic vein contains a
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iclined to deny any such significance. It is not the purpose of the
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lead us to believe that "Anglo Saxon" civilisation was on the
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period of its first symptoms is from the fourth to the seventh month.
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to get tip of examining finger just within the internal cs. He
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Peaslee divided the process into stages, as follows : Hyperssmia, or active
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through the nurse herself drinking the wine which she should
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It must, however, be admitted that (very rarely) raised moist in-
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from the bile ducts about their periphery. When stained with Sudan III the
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Malaria iContinuedi. — By ("leorge H. F. Xuttall.
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the bullet located near the middle lacerated foramen. A Krause
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with apoplectic symptoms. After a partial recovery and relapse
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were less severe. The extremely serious nature of the
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Heredity plays an important role in the predisposition to endocarditis.
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the )«tter were tnken ill, and then sepnrated, nud have remained
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impaction is an effort of nature to cure the disease, though he
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it is under no obligation to notice or review any publica-
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In the letter of Staff Assistant- Surgeon A. Xeill, to which
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skull is not arrested, and we often find persons, formerly rachitic, very
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fective supply, as upon the inefficient, careless, and improvi-
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block, generally a 2 to 1 rhythm, although one tracing shows two auricular systoles
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It is to be noted that Fliigge's conditions necessary
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of the ampulla and carcinoma of the duodenal surface of the papilla,