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being directed to the same side of the body. In looking to the left, the right

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chance of the pistols, of course being ignorant which was the

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appearance t)f eczema, and would not have been taken as the result of

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of syphilis. One case of double facial paralysis occurred in a boy eight years

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in number — had been the result of various general and

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may be nearly one and a half times greater tlian normal. This increase

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greater frequency in the female sex than in males causes them to

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trious and scientific men, and by the co-operation of

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when over-distended. The practical outcome of the observations con-

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states that Dr Wolfenden, London, examined the tumour removed,

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with beings in whom the creative powers of life display an order of

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'Otis and Evans, Journal American Medical Association, October 31, 1903,

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of saying " no ligatures," he would say the use of liga-

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tory of phthisis ; for according as the secondary com-

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way encourage their planting and growth. Above all, it would forbid

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cytosis X involving the skin. The other five patients have

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calmness. In some animals the excitement is so great that it

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fluids from gaining access to the trachea. After removal

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sore throat with a brush, and to ulceration of the cervix or

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Unfortunately the distinction between the two is not

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should put upon his eyes three days together. After

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cyst exists, but there may be several — as many as five or six. It

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the presence in the blood or tissues, or both, of the specific

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Series II. — Macacus rhesus C (control). Feb. 5, 1917. Blood count showed

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Arkansas Methodist Hospital CME Conference, May 11, 15, 25; June 8 and 22, 7:30 a.m., Hospital Cafeteria, Arkansas Methodist

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left chest was shrunken, and dull on percussion posteriorly, with deficient breath-

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the mental picture would be such as to make one iden-

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to be noticed in those of a class far above them- As

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peuti(|ne de I'infection typbiqiie. Ann. rte I'lnst. Pasteur,

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Case \'11. — J. D.. aged 26, stone-mason, admitted to Edinburgh

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suppuration of the thrombi wet gangrene may result.

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tions of tertian parasites which come to maturit}^ with about oue

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tered daily, more than sixteen ounces were absorbed.

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cocaine is employed in addition to the silver salt. As soon as the

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1 thought it better to wait until the matter on which he was

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Dr. Jno. D. Mulhane, of Steubenville, O., writes, refering

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tion. The dominating influences of his life were his love

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thin and weak in pigment, like the bag bile. There were only a

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tient whose case had just been presented in the paper. He

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occurs in a person between the ages of eighteen and thirty, after

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borhoods, like measles, mumps, or cholera, and prevails more in winter and cold

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Kernig's sign was very pronounced. Babinski's sign was

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