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tongue had been severely bitten in two places, there was discovered after-
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have appeared in Revue Hebdomadaire de Laryngologie,
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slowly, and is best given as a tablet, which should be thoroughly
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list might be greatly extended, but this is sufficient to show
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reduced, yet fecundation may occur if all other circumstances be favourable.
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are willing or able to serve. On the other hand, l^ooks
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proposition has been proved, although it is certain that the results
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scripts will be acknowledged and unused manuscripts returned.
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In all these cases I use intragastric electricity — galvan-
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to find the patient had no prostatic enlargement, which was easily
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quency with which functional or reflex disturbances
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remarked the following day that the surface of the bone was
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Dr. Dieulafoy devotes a chapter to aspiration as a means of treat-
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mounted a road train for 10 miles, and then walked 1 mile,
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nitrate of silver (moderately strong) was applied to this part, and after the
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another case the affection is a purely hypertrophic glandu-
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but it is usually confined within a small space. Tiie pain frequently shoots
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tions we may have Skodaic resonance over the upper lobe, accompanied
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of the developing child. Thus the science of human develop-
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intimate associates. In 1858 he began the summer trips
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an examination as was possible in that time. The notes which
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cancers, and that Russell's fuchsin bodies are merely an early stage of
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thick, fleshy part, such as the thiirh or the calf of the le.t;, it makes a
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that it was tainted with sewage ; and subsequently an examination
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may tend to produce either marked blood changes or marked changes
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by the advocates of the indentation of the fundus first by
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In the lymphatic complication, some latitude in diet may be allowed ;
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1315. This treatise was characterized by mysticism and
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combines Wylie's and Dudley's methods. Wylie seizes
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Charlotte, N. C, Drs. A. J. Crowell, R. S. Lancaster County, S. C, and a member of
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merit, and in the expenditure of money the good of the cause of educa-
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The grain fed these pigs amounted to only 221 pounds per 100 pounds
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ropathology. The first to apply the recent discover-
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had a large quantity of fluid drawn off. He was a strong man :
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pensary propose to convert the entire basement into a
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and common continued fever formed only 2.64 per cent, of the entire number of cases
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erism, every person being compelled by law to carry a policy
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is below his fingers. He makes the skin quite tense, and when he
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spoonfuls or more every half hour. Corn meal gruel, strained thin,
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John has investigated the action of intravenous injections of