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that a completely trustworthy test of the presence of

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must be some peculiar predispositions in the life of the soldier

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was much Convulsed. She had three similar fits during the succeeding ten days,

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that the child was passing portions of tapeworm large

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is born. Do not allow the "aunties" to be- the day and five to six at night. The

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Female worms were also observed in the mesenteric veins of anses-

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that the subjects of sporadic goitre ever beget either goitrous or eretinoos

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pected to see in a small family practice--the 13-year-old girl with

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the healing of the ulcer, then we are in a position to

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these cases except one had a perfect result, the one patient having

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theory has not met with general acceptance. The sole experimental

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tonitis. Chronic Peritonitis. Hydro-Peritoneum . . . . . .581

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it may be well to state that every office, operating room, or physical

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insufficient, and unfit habitations. There is comparatively

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before the proteose injection. The amount of dye eliminated in this

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uterus. Fully two-thirds of the organ were thus de-

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larynx and on the parts above, and no membrane in the

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in others, in consequence of the mediastinum and its contents being bound

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The intensity of the clinical manifestations is apparently not a

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by extension upward from lesions in the abdomen, or b\' metastasis.

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is growing steadily and that improvements are to be noticed in the bet-

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be differentiated from the disease which produces it.

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idea is to stamp out the disease at its point of cn-

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can offer no satisfactory explanation for these changes.

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parties. The result of such a consideration cannot but carry the con-

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the public, that he has enlarged his establisliment at

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sioiu The lung was pushed upward and flattened against the medias-

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x-ray may prevent a serious and useless operation is

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through puncture by the tick is necessary. We shall see how all the

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Dr. Aveling presented a new Hysterotome and Intra-Uterine Spring Tent.

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Dr. Pfahler : I have been very much interested in this presentation

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quantities of xanthin bases are being elaborated, pro-

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tigators only when the foregoing precautions in drying were observed.

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2. — Laboratory Course of Hygienic Chrmistry and Bacteriolugy—F. W. Stoddart, F.I.C., F.C.S.

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special care, this distortion is apt, save by the practised touch, to

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in mucous inflammation (gastritis chronica mucosa) the

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that there are none who are ignorant of their tendency

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time with opposing the noxa and helping forward the re-

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Mr. MacCarmac pointed out that the subject involved the two questions — (1)

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the blood-current, and carried to distant parts. Cancerous thrombi form soft

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