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Harrogate, by A. S. Myrtle, M.D., and a Case of Hydatids of the Lungs
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sporadic cases of cerebrospinal fever in the intervals
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warrant the conclusion at which anatomists have arrived —
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with a little fish in the form of anchovies, sardines a Vhuile, or fresh herrings.
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sis, dynamic infusion corpus cavernosometry and caver-
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appointed to draft a communication addressed to Gov-
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by us simply because he has no diploma, while we accept some
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He was discharged at the end of nine i acute signs of phthisis. At this date the
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made as air-tight as possible. A good plan is to set fire to a few ounces of
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indicated the real cause of his illness. Yet he declared, with tears and
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At the calamus scriptorius the lesion disappears, and
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fession and designation Himself has deigned to assume.
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tend to become plugged distally and suction becomes
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ing the neclc as if the muscles were too short ; twisting of the neck to one
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that iron and sometimes ai*senic are bentjficial, while careful
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fore attempting to make transfers of fine steel engravings,
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employed in walking, swimming, and flying. The last, the
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ing of means for the clearing away of the doubts that
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entirely well in the tliird week, no faeces or flatus passing
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seven. His treatise on lithotomy, which was published in
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in the early periods of infancy, among children bom in
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purating wounds as undoubtedly as the lid to the box." They are,
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is some similarity in their present status from which, I
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arsenic, small doses of quinia, belladonna, and the prep-
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rheumatism. It rarely affects women. The use of fermented liquors,
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instrument ; securing the handles of each with a piece of tape, steady
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stranger and chargeable to the public, and was found wander-
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notwithstanding she was under the special eye of a leading
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tion may in all prolmbility account for the persistence of di])litheria
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As we dream of the future we seem to see the day when
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It was a warm day early in the summer of 1892 when I
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adequate analgesia and occasionally decreased to avoid
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Bees and wasps attack the human skin not for the purpose of
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fessor Dr. Martin. 147 pp., and 86 colored illustrations.
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altitudes in the dry belt and of the moister regions east of them.
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dropsy involving cirrhosis of the liver, treated by the Talma-
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group. Landsteiner recognized the existence in human serum of the
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prolapsed portion of omentum, and amputated the uterus, which was pre-
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every two hours. Boas has obtained good results by the use of opium.
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gentleman be struck with " the scarlet fever," let him look at
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prevails that anybody can teach a school because it is small, or while
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tionstheorie. They explained the tuberculin reaction by an addition of
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The quantity to be taken is an important matter. Some physicians,
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conditions of the kidneys. Certain remedies have been supposed to have a