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wider field and the unrivaled opportunities of Paris, where, at the age of
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In almost all communities diphtheria is now one of the diseases
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not only escapes more quickly from the shell but also con-
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acquiring a more complete medical education, attended in preference at
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about 3/j. in diameter and are free from coloring matter (Plate II, I).
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Summary: We believe that the Medical Society of the State of North
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influence upon the position of the hyoid bone. In central facial paralysis
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tion in perfect health, and the urine was quite normal, and he
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the electrodes should be as large as can be conveniently used. Mas-
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lieved to be the cause of puerperal convulsions, because he could not hope to be clearly
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effect. In one case of bad nutrition I gave what is known as bone
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euglobulin present in the original serum and precipitated on dialysis, but is
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Attending Obstetricians; Harriet Gosper, D.O., Julian Mines, D.O.,
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Case 7. — William B — , leffc hemiplegia. Came to me
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seemingly ridiculous way, could not be waked at night by a prick on the
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suspicious. Local symptoms associated with general signs
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in the establishment of internal improvements ; are
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honest, and industrious ; education, being compulsory,
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portion of the pubes which I find is also necrosed; the
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in the water so as to be ready for the next application.
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merly calculated by weeks. It is now a matter of seven
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resistance, becomes gradually more tense and prominent, semi-
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nomenon"; it consists of a contraction of the tibialis anticus during adduction of
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was massaged and cold applications were ordered to be made.
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terials — ^wood, plaster, or metal. The rods are straight, coaptating
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meal. The successive specimens of urine were collected, measured and
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amount of heterophoria, and, if it is desired to measure the
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being placed under each foot-post of the bed, the weight of the body
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to the head, or possibly on account of the confessedly hopeless nature of
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palieBt, in a few hours, is restored to health and vigor*
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Center; UAMS V.A. Medical Center; St. Luke’s Hospital,
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ately, and, gradually getting worse, he finally started for
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the ferment exhausts itself for the most part, so that
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the physical signs carefully mapped out by a competent clin-
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and then as " mysterious cycles," the existence of which we admit,