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been reserved for the commercial part of the Museum

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conceptions and new terms which render it by no means

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, tion. A- report was presented, in which it Was contended

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<)ctober JBth, l.?."il. I operated for i he cistoceieby the old method denud-

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to two thyroids daily. The first was probably too small, and

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184S, during the suppression of the rebellion in the Kandian provinces in

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In ,\yrsliire there have been in all 12 cases, of which 9 occurred atLugar

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the highest interest and value to all of us. I may add that I

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normal spleen is rich in " peptone." The word peptone as used includes

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AA'eismann as a basis. It is not too much to say that,

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contents forwards. This remark only applies to the left side,

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health, and they must have attended fifty lectures on public health.

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were very thin walled, and vascular, and were open at one

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that the Faculty of Medicine woiild be pleased to give its

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the power of diffusion slight. The real test has still to come,

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arrests, which not Oj ly were far more numerims tlian in othej-

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much more excitable than in the normal condition. The

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up the tuning-fork tests altered accordingly. Almost all

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radical operations, and also the favourable results as to per-

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pared, according to Dr. Murray's method, by Messrs. Brady

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diseased as well as in a sound joint. A resection of any

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milk and partly of separated milk. We have repeatedly

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pharynx. Sometimes it fixes itself to the upper surface of

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is well up to date. All the important modifications of Roy's

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results of accurate chemical and physiological observations,

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*,'* Dr. Kanthack (Liverpool) has favoured us with a reply to these

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with what we have ourselves stated as to Dr. Tibbits's pam-

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watson pharmaceutical oxytrol anda risk factor

of metabolism. Moreover, it stimulates the heart's action,

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vidual structures may be picked out and influenced in such a

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at sea level hardly suffices for respiratory purposes.

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years or more in this country, although perhaps less else-