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Case xix is interesting as being typical of the uncertainty both in

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rising generation. After an address from Professor Lushington, Mr. A.

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February 26th. Pulse 116; temperature 103.2. He seemed much

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should have the least possible communication with the other inmates.

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paper dealt with the physical, as opposed to the germ theory. Dr.

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Of having been a Student during two years at one or more of the Medi-

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of the Lock Hospital itself The out-patients of Guy's are selected, and

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had another fit the day after admission, in which he did not lose his

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A few days after the debate in the University Council in April last, he

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many forms, but on no definite principles ; and he suggested as a ques-

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thai Parliament will determine the question of University education in

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The Pharmaceutical Journal records the following case of accidental

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Mater Misericordi.e Hospital, DvBLm.— Physicians — Dr. J.

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September, like the 1st, we were engaged in performing amputations,