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Carrollton, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
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published under the editorship of Dr. Jousset. This, also, though
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its envelope, is more easily put out of shape, flattened, and
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the same as in the first attack, — a favorite daughter was seriously
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On the night of the 16th he was very restless, had slight
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always has ; nay, have often asked themselves the question why
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last trip landed him as a passenger in New York, where he
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As the care of the child's eyes has to be left to the nurse, it is
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carded altogether the bandage, the short shirt, the pinning-blan-
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Simmons, who were natives of that place. His early studies were
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are quite near to one another, and only separated by a
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ume on ' ' Strabismus, " published in 1840. From 1831-35 he was
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Legal Medicine and Toxicology," 1903. He has also published in the
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to day, the stiff neck, pain, soreness, etc., continuing with vary-
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the idea that "to purge" is synonymous with "to purify," and
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of the eye, and of Hardy in diseases of the skin. Upon his return,
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Yorkers, including many of the old Knickerbocker families.
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have seen nothing more of any consequence, a little mucus at
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He married Miss Ella E. Eaton, of Alfred Centre, N. Y.,
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had been punched out, and gapes ; the aperture of exit is
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8 p.m. — Pulse irregular; respiration sighing, slightly labored,
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force. Notwithstanding the fact that the young man's rating in the
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but all provers noted palpitation, increased on lying down, ac-
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fracture is consolidated. Massage, and methodical move"
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Skene, in Aberdeenshire. This incident gave rise to the
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Lesions and Pigmentations of the Skin, culminating in streptococcus
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to the Gazette for publication. The paper laid every claim to
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Presbyterian clergyman, and was a woman of rare physi-
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president, N. W. Rand, M.D., in the chair. The censors re-
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deviations towards the buccal axis. Fragments that have
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a husband, and two sons working in the Kensington mills.
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infection. Metallic foreign bodies in themselves are a very
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or of the liver. Without the judicious selection of simple medi-
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bilical depression had been kept clean, scrupulously clean — in
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or normal vital action of the individual, and, on the other, the
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is assured of the management of the insane-asylum now being
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in Infants and Children" (New York Medical Journal, 1893) ; "Eti-
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this tiiiii.' sliL' liri)i}L;lil fare to face willi the fact — -now
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Of the method itself, it can only be said that it must be more
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ist in his religious preferences, and is a Republican. He is also a
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and, not getting instant relief, repeated the dose; taking, in all,
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and the brain is prepared then for apoplexiaand coma. Tobacco,
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At first a sling, a short time afterwards a hollowed out
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missible by heredity. 2. As generations multiply, the transmit-
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as the provisions of nature usually are. Pathology and diagnosis