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May 15-17— Occupational Hazards to Health Care Workers. Se-
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other hospitals, which they occupy, you cannot fail to observe their
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oxygen and at the same time induced brain changes, causing asphyxia. But
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I know, gentlemen, that few of our patrons come to us when in
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Pathology. — Gowers and others have demonstrated the degenerative
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bones of the tarsus, attest the many difficulties in the
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daily for periods of weeks, and as a result is greatly reduced in flesh and
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A qASE of considerable interest and instruction is that of Ellen Langridge,
acid may be added with advantage. Irrigation should be
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evidence of the effect of budget restrictions on the requirements of the
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The calibre of the 03sophageal tube depends upon the size
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this condition also materially lessens the area, it offers comparatively but little
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by Dr. IToUister. It was a compound fracture of both bones
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and burned. The cuspidors and their contents require special treatment.
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to the law that the tuberculous product, in the vast majority of cases, first
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and it will seldom disappoint him. It is of conve- |
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equally efficacious to the sulfonylureas, including chlor-
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is delayed until later, they " present a peculiar fawn or yellow tint per-
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and westerly breezes, and that this side is exposed to the influence of a large
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as regards actinomycosis. The diagnosis of this group of affections could
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do not admit ; nor do I believe that the lymphatic tissue is at all
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In an examination of many apparently healthy natives who had trypano-
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infallible truth, and make no further inquiries about the matter.'' They
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fixation. Both optic disks were pale, though not entirely without
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1903, under the presidency of Dr. L. H. Dunning, of Indian-
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Special Eules to be followed in Percussing Particular Organs.
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also a southern route through George and the Knysna to Port
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90, par. I, Headquarters Department of Texas, July 19,
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moval with the establishment of proper drainage, is
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of drugs induced him to rely upon specifics, as did
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when the epidemic began to prevail. There were 46 deaths
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throws no particular light on the disease; there is nothing neurotic
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sultation, nursing home residents are customarily shipped off
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dreaded the pain after injections of metallic mercury. The expense
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pendicitis with abscess. Rarely the disease arises idiopathically.
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tinguished from the one at the base. Indeed, it seemed as if this remained
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embolism of the middle cerebral artery, in which paralysis in
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Rykaczewski, D.; Ryne, M.; Ewing, C; Smith, C; and Ogliaro,
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to matters of detail. Great improvements in apparatus and in methods
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for discussion of the relation of pathology to the practice of
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ter Causation Prognosis Treatment Thoracentesis. Suppurative Pleuritis,
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During the year we have been almost free from what may be called
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iodides the patient improved greatly for a time, being soon again able to
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parasite to the population ; and, also, how an epidemic gradually increases,