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disease was found after the abdomen had been opened ; of three other opera-
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atrophy will be described. This may be considered to be neuropathic in origin.
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this remarkable experience, she arrived in Boston a little fa-
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professors of gynaecology find it necessary to send their students
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handled myself, because I wanted teachers or public to get in the
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morphine to relieve her. She died after being in this condition four
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6. That some females recently delivered may have strength to exert them-
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more common in tabes. Lastly, the state of the pupil is of extreme
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up their prayers and priest-caught pennies, and mincingly step with peas in
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lubricant should be unirritatiug to the urethra aud
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hours it turned black, probably being changed to calomel.
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objects to Pean's extra^peritoneal method as hitherto practised, on two grounds :
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A. AcKLKY, M. D., aged 49. Formerly j of the heart. The left side of ihe heart was
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1907. Thomas, Thomas Turner, M.D., Associate Professor of
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The following conditions may ensue: (1) Acute cholecystitis (catarrhal,
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the slightest attempt to straighten the afiTected limb.
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fatal termination may take place in above 90 per cent. In older children
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chronic inflammation and were atrophied. But the most
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rations at the navy yard and arsenal. Who can tell how many hours, otherwise
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spots, each X)f which, without exception, yielded its snow-wlute cirs-
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vena cava, and the loaded sigmoid flexure interfering with the flow of
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Alabama has a coordinated plan of action for immuniza-
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better, but the pulse was still 100 and weak, and the tem-
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Under the systematic employment of the Bitartrate of Potassa, Sulphur ai
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injection of m<Mphine and cocaine. No fluid found.
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sixty-seven per cent, of Jewish physicians maintain pro-
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donna. The treatment above indicated has, indeed, in some cases failed,
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assuming that in our case the moist liver weighed 1,500 gm. (which
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loss in the general senses. Such patients do not accurately know where
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phalanges a spindle-shaped appearance. When holding the
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ous than giving those of a more debilitating class.
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turn served the modern writer of fiction. Later, it is not
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A diagnosis was made of vascular tumor of the orbit, of
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60 years, and the next most commonly between the ages 61 and 69
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previous to the opei-ation, to distinguish, by physical examination, the two
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free from syphilis, would undoubtedly tend to limit the
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appears more nebulous or grumous than before. A nucleus
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reddens, becomes thin, and finally perforated, death, preceded by con-
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In these two crucial instances, therefore, spread over a period of
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consequently require most careful examination, in orcler if possible to
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one to two hours each, and burnt the ulcers with caustic. I became so
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ethical systems. Newspapers and magazines have for a
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is usually exerted on the soft tissues around the joint. This
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