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sive search. Nephritis was found three times, and neither this

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cord has produced degenerations which are irremediable

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to foretell exactly what will be found by the pathologist from the

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edition) ; Xenophon's Anabasis, Books I., II., III. ; Virgil,

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calorimeter of much greater sensitivity than those currently available will

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but the results were not satisfactory. Although the use of

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pare a report on some special department of medicine, embodying

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major activities of the Society concern medical education, peer review, legislation, community health education, scientific affairs,

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be done with silver nitrate, copper sulfate, or protargol.

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Temperature was normal, or slightly above normal. Pulse varied from 90 to

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phenol, cresol, indol, or skatol being combined with the sulphuric acid and

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What we apprehend to be the true doctrine on this subject is, that his

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arrangements are met with in the stems, roots, branches, and other

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probably dependent on the group of pulmonary veins, the

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but that the disease actually existed. Undoubted by a

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occupying the fixation area and a little to its outer side, where there is marked

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for when a sudden or unfavorable turn occurs in the condition of the

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thremia. In erythremia, the actual levels of the red cells and

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Etiology, — Geographical Distribution, — Human trypanosomiasis has

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and myocarditis, which set up an inflammation of the heart-muscle ;

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tion due to cystitis. The material which was drained through the cathe-

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^ Vide Scottish Medical and SurgicalJoumal, June 1900.

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does it appear that exaggerated reflex movements follow the

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fat globules in shed epithelial cells and in casts, and even free globules

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paired nutrition the growth of the embryo was not arrested but only delayed.