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of disease of the bones of the pelvis taken from the Iwdy of a female

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was laid out: first, to note the effect on infectivity and malignancy of

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flexure lay in the right iliac region, and was distended to the size of a silver

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klin. Rundschau, 1897, xi, 490.— Wicke (A.) & Weiskc

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partment of Agriculture, Division of Botany, Bulletin 26, pp. 86-100.

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cachexia, and denote an inroad upon the constitution, but they may be long

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artery. A firm compress was placed upon the brachial artery, and a

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Many believe the action of these salicylates is specific, but it appears

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amount is secreted, and this tends to produce constipa-

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more fully to Dr. Kllis, but my health that spring made it difficult for me

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.•ddened. and later decolori>ed. ,. ,» ers uron s arioui

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June 19th. Dr. F. R. Martin, of Kyle, is President, and

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of Surgery by attendance on clinical lectures, and en the

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Unfortunately the distinction between the two is not

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alterations, the clinical importance uf the condition may be regarded iu

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of the tube, leaving the supernatant liquor clear. The amount of

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and if the horny peg be turned out, a depression is left in the papule.

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only that the disease has a tremendous tendency to get

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7. It is advantageous to have physicians and registered nurses affiliate

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cell leukemia and disseminated M avium-intracellulare in-

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air establishment, in the hope of arresting the malady and

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formerly much used as an emblem of Christ. In fact,

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plaster as a sedative and counter-irritant in the treat-

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depressed, there is no displacement of the mediastinum and its contents,

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duced by having a patient follow a target moving in a stepwise

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The composition of the body, when at a constant weight,

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and " how great a copier soever he be, one thing is remarkable of

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Case. — A young man, of nineteen year- of age. applied to me before

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minor of these procedures, and have yet to meet one,

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pumped through 10 feet of lead pipe. The symptoms were acute mul-

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face by galvanizing the sympathetic in the neck ; for the fundus

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5.0 mmol per liter, chloride 1 1 1 mmol per liter, bicarbonate

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aneurysm was found in a macerated portion of the same brain.

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catgut was applied around the whole circumference of

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