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unless measures are speedily set on foot to prevent
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on too recently to permit of the result being determined,
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tive dyspepsia, on the other hand, the introduction of
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see them, as we often have seen them, laugh, chatter, and make fun during the whole of
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aters and laboratories now added to the London Hospital is
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alterative mercurial course. Calomel, in small doses, or the blue
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Leaving for a moment all debate on the value of these essays, it
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my observation several in which this plan has proved successful. It is
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lu'cii vaccinated, and thereby to prevent the occurrence of smallpox. In
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a-c period and failure of conduction. At other periods," there is an
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inflammation of the white cerebral substance can, at best, be con-
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C. (104® to 105** F.); continues at this about two days
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peripheral softening, and congestion of both roots of the spinal nerves ;
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the Lancet this test, which was first introduced as a clinical
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men, any increase over 3 or 3| inches from the mid-sternum would
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The foregoing statements give a fair idea of the use of
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keit. Ibid., 1896, xlvii, 176-186.— Ijafargiie & Biilard.
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Cheeses can be ripened fully, with excellent texture and flavor,
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ning down across the middle portion of the middle ' drainage. Sometimes the abscess points just above
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results. A saturated tincture of the rhizoma was prescribed in
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affection of the lymphatics, and absence of inflammatory changes
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a strong band of adhesion passes over the gut, causing con-
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The Sixty-Eighth Session will Commence September 26, 1905
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ble and the Length of Time for which each Patient is Dangerous to
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Mrs. S., aged 50, seen February, 1910, complained of puftiness of
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omission of any estimate of the duration of infectivencss in
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was subsequently found, by Plimmer, also to be present
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consistency, is almost of a black colour, and clearly marked from the paler
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times, if not entirely so. Can we expect to find a perfect anaesthetic
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bones shown, the antrum was found at a variable depth beneath. He thought
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years. The auricle is then merely a reservoir for the blood during the