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which I have often exhibited before the Section, also facilitates rapid healing
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haemorrhoidal veins are full and itching, or there is prurigo round
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of its work and its consequent value to the public and
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Wright's method will be borne out on examination by any one who
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observations, as well as to the earlier investigations of Virchow and others.
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epidemic in this portion of the United States. Whether Corson saw these
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tion in recovery. In a few cases the pus has dissected downward along
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cavity opens into the bronchus by a narrow orifice ; an apt illus-
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proximately fatal, patients otherwise condemned to a rapid and
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an abundance of literary material at our disposal that we are
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re.section. Arch. pied, beiges, Brux., 1887, 3, a., xxxi, 26-
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of cancer of the uterus ; but it was useless or worse to attempt
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condition ? It is due to the action of the antitoxin on
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furnished by cases of accidental infection in the laboratory. Such 1
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The logical inference from this is, that the treatment of ulcer-
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people who want to practice medicine without going to medical schools, social
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On my arrival the woman was in a very serious condition