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It was observed that between the first and second operation

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A MAN 22 years of age, who had suffered with articular rheu-

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Intensive maintenance procedures, increased ventila-

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communication with all the others. At the end of 8 days, our sum-

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tions respecting the treatment of early phthisis. Attention to

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that the main respiratory muscle is the diaphragm and gives a number of

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haemorrhage. Cases have been recorded in which, after the loss of a necrotic

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that the main respiratory muscle is the diaphragm and gives a number of

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Many physicians make a free use of stimulants, in all cases where

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to paralysis, she lay almost constantly upon the back.

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Pharmacopoeia of 1824 being now a little antiquated ; that the

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presence of other signs of ectopic pregnancy, does not

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of veins can also be exhibited to a limited extent, but still

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Semiuelweiii. The international Semmelweis memorial. 352.

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Was opened bj an address on Headache by Dr. A. R. Baker.

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succus and extract of the fresh root ; that, so far as his in-

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ers. This reason alone, is abundantly sufficient to

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Kev. hebd. do laryngol. [etr.], Par., 1899, xix, 577-584.—

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however, that while doubtless the corral-fed animals ate more loco,

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the special functions of the organ, and, lastly, such tumors as are

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gomery. {A System of Surgery, edited by T. Holmes, M. A., voL i.,

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tegrated corpuscles passes into and, if in sufficient quantity,

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Development of Mammals," and in these two chapters the