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aneurism ? 3. What was the diagnostic value of the dias-

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of all specific manifestations ; the contagious stage

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Dunn county school of Agriculture and Domestic Economy 37

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We see a number of cases of old chronic gonorrhea like this

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Pare in his time met with a success which to-day would

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during twenty minutes, a large sponge being held in

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disease was thirty per cent, of all cases, and that

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self to study in this essay is one wliich has of late

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, With regard to the course of Study and Examinations which

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diuretic action, we must also assume that digitalin

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protruded may become closed, and then the surgeon is

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culosis consultant for the state health department, who

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a more accurate diagnosis of internal disturbances. Langley and

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take place. In such cases, whether due to local or systemic

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came nearest to pointing to the mouth as a possible

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sorption or disease of the vertebrae, is contradicted by some

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man in attendance declared he could not possibly conceive the reason of this

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may occur after any meal, or only after certain ones; it may disappear

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of the physiology of the brain, if the object aimed at be to develop

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unfavorable reports of Nelson and Anderson. 1 These

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intracranial pressure. Exceptions, however, are frequent. Small

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Under treatment by rest, low diet, and potassium iodide,

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abscess of septicaemia. In the parenchyma of the lung we find yellowish or

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in 1979, has been chair of the SMS Finance Committee since 1989, and

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rences continued until he gave up this work. There has

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support him in his arduous and (financially) serious

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of the foroanns (oxcopt siipimitors) atid tlioso of tlio liaiidH ro-

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Upon discharge, April 15, 1916, she was receiving carbohydrates

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in every way the same, except that to one was fed daily a

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tal materia medica, yet progress would be safer and

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town and others in outlying districts. The infection

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waxy casts and a trace of albumen. It is not surprising, in view of

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consequences were such as should have been avoided, had the evi-

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contact with the tub. Except for pain in respiration,