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147 'Anomalies of the Mesentery as a Causation of ileus and of

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Twextt-fibst Annual Report of the State Board of Health

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interventions when it is taken into account that the

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made by the Executive Committee. The report of this

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to formulate some definite rules which will enable us

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changed and there is evidence of secondary bronchiectasis for

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24. Mo. Cyclop, of Pract. Med., ilv, July, 1900, p. 2B2-4.

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urements be considered, and particularly the five taken

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Each delegate or member, when he registers)^ is requested to

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The committee beg, however, to call the attention of the Asso-

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wounded before the mistake in diagnosis was discovered.

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pital, where he has charge of one of the large venereal services