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test, they should be killed and the stable cleaned and disinfected, same as

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are removed, cloths wrung out of a strong solution of the muriate of

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question American products. A little more inquiry as to German

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should be carefully inserted to remove the accumulated material and

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was also prevalent during this period in France and other Conti-

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troubles or with functional alterations of the heart ; also in pr^-

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passed from the stomach into the intestine and set up decomposition, a

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optic nerves, and also through the posterior part of the corpus stria-

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effect some other cathartic may be added to a glycerin suppository ; e.g. :

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be admitted that they are very exceptional. The immense majority

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Influenza prevailed in epizootic form throughout the province of

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patients, and by smoking cigarettes in the solitude of his own

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acute febrile nonseptic sj^lenomegaly, and splenomegaly with eosinophilia

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have an intelligent and efficient sanitation, it requires only a cam-

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where he had lost his way on his reascent to the roof.

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pus exists. In the fourth stage he advises operation upon every patient

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uterus and straining its ligaments, has been urged as a cause ; but

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tionnaire been systematically pressed. The most of the

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or some one of the substitutes for the salicylates to be considered later.

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lowish-gray. Underneath the chorion was a clear, gelatinous fluid

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Condition of apparatus for gathering and distributing milk

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^ The Committee on Printing of Reports of Meeting reported that the

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nature ; the inother rareh' knows when the baby is coming

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applause, viz : Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, W. B. Wallis ; Cattle

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On Christmas day, December 26, 1894, the twenty-two milch-

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men on the committee, and requested that two more be appointed. This

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sary but arduous precautions as to shoes, clothing, washing the

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mass, resembling exactly coagulated blood, black, and possessing

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driver should exercise as much vigilance about, with almost as

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of destroying all carcasses infected with tuberculosis, and suggests

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result being in favor of Ithaca, with the understanding, however, that if

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two, except that they were very much milder. Mr. Hartigan

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milk, part of which had been submitted for a chemical examination

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torn and irregular surface, and appearing to be attached principally

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quantity of hard feces. Seemed very dulj, and rubbed tail against

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the parts at rest. When the wound has healed, the animal still

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the digestive tube. It is probable that these symptoms are caused

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stain the urine highly ; or the case may be of a very mild type.

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The owner not caring to bother with her any more, at my request

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[The action of alcohol in neutralizing the effect of carbolic acid upon

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purposeful attitude toward life, with, if possible, the stimulation of a

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the gross lesions are confined to a single organ or gland ; even then

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composed of Drs. John M. Forbes, James Wilson, and James S.