Silvitrata Imobiliaria

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to the Medical Society of the Hospitals, Paris, a patient
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tion of the ventricular diastole, the weaker the systole.
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tion, gastrectatic dyspnoea. Many sufferers from this
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up by a small abscess limited to a small part of the cortex. But, on the
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nerves coming from the aft'ected portion of the cord. A pain
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cases. It is well known that not only may very partial expansion
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the amount of several grams per diem persists year in and year out,
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of pemphigus. I have recently had a severe case of "clinical" pemphigus
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obtained by firmly flexing the foot and then tapping sharply upon the
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of a hand. Occupying the dilated cervix was found, not
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The Doctrine of Survivorship.— Theodore Sutro,' in dis-
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offer. The body of the work is divided into two parts.
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times every day, a weight proportioned to its strength, it will aid materi-
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gradually increasing for the past two weeks, but curiously, he noticed at
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if the unnatural sensibility of the sexual organs can be
it might prevent the detection of crime. But this is an ohjection which can
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indicate the work of being on-call we must invoke a new
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months, or even years, attacking animals recently added to the stock and
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catgut. The long ends of the catgut are then passed, by means
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The fishing excursions were not uniform either in their
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vegetable matter. At Jerusalem there are no fresh springs.
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constituting a license to practise, upon every candidate
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her son, Charles IX), who invited him to visit the French
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coincidently, and that hypertrophies in closely -allied organs like the pros-