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vessels, an active hypersemia, by reason of which the blood is propelled more
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disease. But before discussing this phase of the subject farther, it will be
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swelling, with a sharply defined outline of the affected mucous membrane.
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nary lobar pneumonia without a suspicion of anything else being entertained
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quite pure, is frequently contaminated on its way to the consumer. Diph-
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second in 68, and the third in 17, of 360 cases. Ulceration occurred usually
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but it rarely lasts more than a few days in a severe form. Examination is
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cases of rather long duration are due to the extension of the primary necrosis
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symptomatic conditions, can be treated only as such. In short, the treat-
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Peptone. — (Kaliski, 1902, — "Peptone is physiologically
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In hysteria there may be a spasmodic cough, but this lasts longer, and there
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from the ranks, so to speak, to the highest general-
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Ferret is the only one who has detected the reaction of egg-
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is found occasionally in the neighborhood of the erysipelatous area. The
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Loeffler bacillus was obtained. Stomatitis occurs occasionally and ulceration
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Lepra bacilli have a selective affinity for nervous tissue. The constituent
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drawing the conclusion that the value of \inderweight risks
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overtaxed, are among the most usually cited antecedents. It must be con-
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as certain that the albuminuria does not pass into Bright's
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"cylindroids are present when the quantity of albumin is
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introduced into the wound, the blades opened, and the tube gently pushed
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quantity of urea sinks, there is reason to apprehend the pres-
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eliminate cylindroids or plugs not arising from the kidney,
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buminuria of pregnane}^ and that of nervous affections.
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tation and this limit has to be carefully observed. Sometimes with meteoi'ism
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in 5 of this series. They were present in 4.5 per cent, of 223 cases collected
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patients who apparently have no organic nervous lesions.
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but rarely spaces between the cells resulting from the rupture of the vacuoles.
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Dominion Life Insurance Company, Toronto. — Females
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demic. There were 2 orderlies, both of whom were working with typhoid
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(c) Have you seen more than one relapse in any one case?
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but hearing sometimes returns to a certain extent without any treatment. In