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thermaesthesiometers that have been devised are too complicated for practical
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mannerisms. In the descriptions given above it will be evident that the char-
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Flint, Roberts, Bristowe, Da Costa. Medical Jurisprudence: Taylor's
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the urine have been excreted in abnormally large amounts — namely, phos-
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These somewhat indefinite premonitory symptoms last for a few days or a
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the zona spongiosa, and enter into similar relations with the ganglion cells
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INTRODUCTION: The anatomy of the chicken can be easily c^pared to that of the,t?oVine
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that is beginning. The child looks pale, has a poor appetite, grows thin, is
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on as easily as before. His memory is uncertain, and there are rnarked for-
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nomena of a mild character. Acne or erythema, sometimes in the form of
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often throw considerable light upon the diagnosis. As there is nothing to
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Henry Jeaffreson, M.D. Cantab., c. 1849, 50. 57. Cor. I855, 6c,
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the stroking reflex of the big toe, marked reflex dorsal extension occurs
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Count - this Is merely the c^ntlnq of tha numie^ of units recelvec an: - .
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K . u ' '^^^ '^^^^ cheese at a. 45' -aifgle' f»-ori the surface and
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procured by the «aitary reee||^ve routine <:awlliai Jj^ausa of the
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possessing genuine qualifications, without regard to the country in
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attain so high a degree that the slightest touch of the skin over the vertebrae,
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inspectors to identify a specie of fish and as a point of. reference in
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iaq the candidate from the obligation to prodnoe the papers mentioned in snb-
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12. Mud Baths. — Aix-la-Chapelle, Eilsen, Xeundorf, Baden near Vienna,
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or, in some cases, resecting the supraorbital nerve. In reflex blepharospasm
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ideas (or by "auto-suggestion/' as the modern technical term is). In almost