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it appears that 3-62 per cent of paupers were lunatics.
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pause? Then, for the sake of the god of medicine, what is
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tained, and that its potency was proportioned in exact ratio to its per-
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nervous activity which may result in hypotension, marked bradycardia, vertigo, syncopal attacks I
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or necessary. Here I would allude to the danger attending
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this city, that during the past live years there were
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mild faradic current, one electrode being placed in the
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In the meantime, the infant steadily improved after the application
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vork on patent methods* The great seal of Stata is necessary to acquire
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like matting of indefinite structure, held together by
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in the periphery itself, in the irritation of all kinds which develops a centri-
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" 4. That although the action of anaesthetic substances is upon the nerves,
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may not be safely undertaken. In my experience amputation has
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by the features of abscess formation. When the embolus is non-infective,
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external carotids. Some years ago I reported a tumour of this size which
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become lit for drinking, and that it may be safely used as a town
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factor to humanity, and I shall try to be the first to congratu-
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many cases to certain groups of large cells — the cells undergoing the
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time are well marked ; the temperature has risen to 100°, or, in the septic
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In only three of these cases was it necessary to use the
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illustrated his points as he proceeded, by reciting
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consists of a series of clinical lectures, and fragments of lectures,
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Before inoculation 1.3 cm. 1 c.c. of turpentine injected into right pleural
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lighten the present and the future. The medical profession in this country,
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even coloured and printed tiles, which are among the most heavily lead-
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mental, hygienic, climatic, thermic, and other influences, and
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be sought for. It may., however, be climacteric, or associated with a
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In many fat persons with well-developed muscles cardiac insufficiency does
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The axillary glands may have a nipple, or only a minute
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blood-supply must be nearly complete ; and, secondly, it must be of some
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returned home, and took his degree of M. D. in 1836 from the Harvard Medical
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the diagnosis made previous to rupture was confirmed by
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more. Among his inventions of late may be menr.oned
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suffer more frequently, and most frequently of all, the Europeans
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1899, 2. R., xxxv, d. 2, 0G2-669, 1 pi.— Sniyiy (P. C ) Be-
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of pulmonary gangrene; the upper half of the right kidney was changed
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pure ones, we mean (nominally, at least), who would
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'eached that the creatine of the urine actually did come
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in milk. "In fact," says Schroeder, "it is difficult to imagine a