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from Jefferson Medical College in 1871. In 1874 he was
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man who frankly enrolls himself under the banners of the for-
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chimerical in its results, now cheerfully devote unlimited time
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York Elect TO -Therapeutic Clinic. Laboratory, and Dis-
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Lucy (Langworthy) Lewis, was born in Alfred, Allegany county,
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Next day, March 14, the patient was just a little better in all
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only in exceedingly "heroic" doses, and of lethal dose yet to
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time until her marriage, at twenty, she was employed at general
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It is impossible here to refer to all the additions to, and
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or less obscure. In the next division the mind displays un-
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the most minute directions as to diet, dress, bathing, exercise,
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He began bis career as a practitioner of medicine in
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because the external violence has nearly always caused
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prehensive essays on the nasal and laryngeal diseases of child-
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extensive freeing of the radio-carpal ligament that has
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in many ways instructive. The book forms the November
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slight discomfort. His timidity preventing any further operation
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tired of trying to be polite to each other, and the list of untried
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Association (president, 1886); Buffalo Obstetrical Society, 1881-86;
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learned, intellectual, keenly perceptive, accurate of judgment,
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cussing that region. One dose of bryonia 200 was given. In the
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deceived us in the same way that their diagnosis had already
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less or dead matter, and convert it into living matter like itself,
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and dull, though clear if roused, but seems to find it hard to
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■'Gentlemen, brethren nf New England, whom I have
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The State of New York has granted a charter authorizing the college of the
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In 1883 he devised a new operation for chronic inver-
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Her record in private and sanitarium work for the past
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directly dependent for its development upon disturbances of metabolism in
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fitted him to deal more broadly with the class of cases that kept
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mental impression which needs no investigation, nor the common
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with the special vital motion of the particular bioplast, whether
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nerves of the head. I have found, that, when the sound-receiving
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2. At the front we should be careful not to sacrifice clothing
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late Dr, George W. Bctton, of Tallahassee, Fla , and began
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Dr. Carpenter is a natural -born surgeon. His coolness,
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the first the contusion is trifling. The nerve does not
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power of movement and speech during sleep. Bryonia, silicea,
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then beini; established in the Collef;e of Physicians and