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thyroid, are usually metastatic from a primary site above

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up the Chairman of the committee and the Registrar of the Council. 1 think with Dr.

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been appointed professor of gynecology to succeed Dr. Chas.

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dilated. The pulse in pure hypertrophy is full, strong, regular, and of notnal

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appreciable pulse at the wrist ; and, second, that the patient has not normally

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round cells which take the stain more deeply, and thus present a typical

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failure. In these and other cases we should try to preserve the

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path.. Par., 1891, 5. s., iii. 216-218. — Chipault (A.) Le

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substances which are intended to act upon animals which live

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large, or in frequent small doses) under the skin, in rab-

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Dr. D. W. Prentiss had presented a case last year to

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old theory of Cohnheim offers the most reasonable explanation we have

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tain intensity, varying in different countries, as has been

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It is supposed tliat tlie larvce of the parasite are contained in impure drink-

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forms a tube, extending from the head and through the trunk.

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No benefit, but, occasionally, injury was experienced from the use of iodine,