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As a result of torsion on vessels ^ the inner and mid-

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couraging the optimal intake of dietary calcium and the

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38. Von Graefe' s Treatmevt of Affections of tlie Conjunctiva and Crjrnea. —

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ments on animals. While he observed spore formation he never saw the

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i under the care of a Lady Superintendent ; four x>QpiIs

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muscles moving them are inflamed, or affected with pleurodynia, or

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Gradual Adoption of Homoeopathic Remedies by the Old

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Discussion. Dr. H. H.Grant: I saw this man before Dr. Vance

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peripheral impression brings on a spasm — a mere touch, a current of

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beyond its climate and natural attractions, so long will health resorts

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children, wherever collected. He also cordially sub-

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ogy and symptomatology of the appendix in a hernial

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scheme for the augmentation and reorojanisation of the teachinef

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and the period of cicatrization has been smaller. M. Demarquay has also

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to Rush could not be raised, while in a much shorter

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liarity was constant. I found, about two inches to the

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to doubt, and that the prisoner should have the benefit of that doubt. It

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mucous membrane or even upon the cutaneous surface, and when it may

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The experiment cannot, however, be considered perfect, because the

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Whereas : In accordance with the will of an all-wise God

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occur either outside the dura or inside between the membranes

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of the final result, but at present there is marked improvement

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After a few days, probably, the inflammation subsides, but more or less

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defervescence by lysis. A fact worthy of notice was present nine times in

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years given close attention to the condition of the cottage homes of Eng-

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make it binding on persons graduated before the year 1899,

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mortality), and two cases with recurrent attacks (six-

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more than a few lines ; this difficulty is apparently caused by the ex-

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Class II. Heliozoa. \ Sarcodina which are never parasitic.

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clear minds and hearts filled with the Spirit of the Lord Christ. And

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residency, David Grant USAF Medial Center, Travis AFB,

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division. It may extend as far back as the parietal eminence, and occupy

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