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at its annual meeting, held in Kokomo, April 4, elected Dr. S.
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* Read b7 title In tbe Section on Snrgery and Anatom;, at the
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Philadelphia, 1862, who had practiced in Milwaukee for
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18 wives to 16 husbands in Dr. Bridge's, while 2 of the
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other cause. 3. Those with diagnostic svmptoms. The
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mented by the "mii\eralization of the tissues," which Robin
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duced through a slight abrasion, or through the blood,
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transverse process of the third vertebra and under the posterior extremity
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merely to comprehend spoken words, although intelli-
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W. R. Rilev, Bilious Fever. Thomas W. Gouldin, Malaria.
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the lateral angle just released from the tenaculum. The
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derlies were discharged with well-marked cases. It was only
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Casi 76. — Operator, Kraua ; 1886. Dorsal region ; duratton,
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with serum ; whilst at the instant of their separation, or, to use chemical
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at least, lost its size and strength, the muscles becoming soft and flabby,
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These lymph nodes were allowed to dry, and when pulverized
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Delacroix. His daughter, of about five years old, was seized with all the
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can be radically cured in this way, although the method is
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Mortality and Xorbidity. — After nearly three months of
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on separate occasions, or coughs when lying in a certain posi-
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parts of water to the nasal cavities, with the effect of
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at the commencement of treatment. Milk forms an important
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and Chest; Diseases of the Abdomen, Urinary and Genital Organs; Dis-
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It is well known that in the fluid obtained by lumbar
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disengagement of carbonic acid gas, and the subsequent distribution of it
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upon the region of the heart, and in every instance the pulsations were
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tion, and as a result sporulation takes place prematurely and
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backwards and fell on the pavement. She cried but little at the time ; but,
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June 22d. In the night of the 20th was delirious. Last night, slept
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the course of a month she was able to eat and drink any thing without the
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remainedt welve hours in this situation, her accoucheur not having his
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region : extradural sarcoma. Male, 24. Pell from ladder ; neck
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Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy; Joseph A. Eve, M. D., Professor of
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help of sufficiently stout suture threads. One is passed
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be considered a rinsing-out of the blood and tissues as there
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antitoxin. They protect the body because they have a
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with very little tension, and the ends folded under twice
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globin, is reduced in amount. In the presence of com-
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in the majority of cases they will promptly remove the