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Reprint requests to John Conly. MD, Department of Medicine, University Hos-

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its face in a basin of dirty water. The prisoner had placed the child in this

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chiefly, and yet the quantity is not proportionate to the in-

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mentally. She felt that she had lost her religious hope,

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Examiners consists of seven "physicians" and a secretary and that the

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the degree of redness more or less profound and swelling.

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projecting from the right side of the sasptum, a distance at its

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stands upright, we may be quite sure of the nature of

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puts nature to the expence of a fever, in order to discharge the poison-

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pupil somewhat dilated; the tongue and mouth dry, with thirst. The

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he was of the opuiion that the changes whicli are often

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erythema (roseola) occur in enteric fever, diphtheria (especially after injec-

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draught without the cathartic, and administered it to her in

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investigations into the causes and methods of preven-

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is the formula generally employed. Two hours after-

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costliness of books and the want of scientific journals made the intercourse of

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cramps of the limbs and twitchings of these parts, with great depression.

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often to make it a procedure always to be followed, and there is also some

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diate, and so decisive that I can scarcely imagine any hemorrhage they would

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a little poorly, but had no symptoms before the rash

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They are doubtless the causes of death in very many,

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moved a considerable amount of cystic connective tissue lying over the

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inhabitants, there were twelve cases of yeUow fever from June to

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womb while the sinuses are open ; to allow the woman

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within the tumor produced by the injections, but no distinct restraint of the

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nuiy be incn^ased laryngeal obstriuition. This will always

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floors ; during the fourth week they begin to heal, but the process is often

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sand is heaped up to such an extent that it is actually threat-

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increase intestinal peristalsis, while large doses lessen it

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9. Traumatic fever ought not to be ranked in the same class. There is

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children born were affected at the time of birth with

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self-limited diseases. Facts subsequently published, by Rr. Hcniy 6.