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the patient; and from the very partial history, which we had then

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The MS. is in Douglas's handwriting. The names of the plants are arranged alphabetically.

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visited by the curious and inquisitive. And however much her

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Synneris. [rubric] | F [blue initial with red ornament and gestures] Or that we ben in fe weie

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the fundus of the uterus is pressed down on to it through the

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tissue, and, when the wound was once more closed, the

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Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America, By authority of the

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of 46-51 lines, each 9fX2f, signatures, catchwords, and foliation (in ink, on each verso,

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be expected that any treatment will restore new cells to the

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then, I presume, is the "true mode of treating Western maladies" —

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and others. Alexander (Zeitschr. f. Heilk., 1906, Bd. XXVII.,

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Transactions of the State Medical Society of New York, and

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wise be produced. So repugtant, indeed, is the nervous system to

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after the serous membrane has been penetrated, if there hap-

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operation, and has been secured by a few extra stitches to

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Druitt's Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery, - - 565

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ter. I am aware that in hundreds of cases, constitutional treatment

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dpa to re Sevrepov, kui to rpirov, direp ovk Iqttiv evddSe.-. | VF [monogram of Victor Falconius,

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vestige. In cases, that live to adult life, and, escaping pul-

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Study of the Relation between the Height of the Longitudinal

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the mercy of Him, who in curing the broken and bewildered spirit of

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the dorsal decubitus should be avoided, and the apphcation

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massaging them, a thick lard-like secretion is found floating

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few days after, he was the subject of delusions and hallucinations. A week

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culiar modification, and to the entire economy, a state not only a-

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cytes, without the occurrence of any glandular enlargement,

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Cod-liver oil and iron almost invariably head the text-book

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from violent congestion is not surprising: nor does this prove that

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