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the examination of tliat o'ljian. N Yoik II. J., 188(), xliii,

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cavity. Scheube discovered another specimen in the urethra of a

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well-defined reason, and not occur through inadvertence.

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Our first concern regards the mechanism in Proposal #2 by which “centers of excellence” or “high quality

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Even the cholera, which carried oil' so many thousands of human lives in

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tions of the patient to electrical e.xamination, a feeling of

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although she became quite irritable. The urine contained a

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quantities than they commonly have been in other cases. With reference to the warm

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ing before she fully recovered from the effects of the an-

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stomach-tube. The inhalation of Chloroform and the subcutaneous

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seventeen years old, had a slight headache and felt a

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tor muscles. The certain properties that these muscles pos-

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they greatly need. The sharp contrast in effectiveness be-

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and is irritated by such poisons; in part microbic, infectious organisms more

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untoward symptom, lost the cachectic appearance, gained

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fully and as conscientiously and as forbearingly the visitations

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ished in quantity. There may also be a history of renal

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asthma, in which he declares it will scarcely ever fail to produce im-

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Ibid.. 1898, ix, 51-.58.— Eschle. Serodiagiiostik des Ab-

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disease. Canon, working at the experimental physiology of this

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boiled with a 10 per cent, solution of the reagent, an equal volume

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He should be in a darkened room, and with very few visitors.

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of special instruments, principally syringes and needles, made

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of 42 cholera cadavers and 28 cholera patients resulted without excep-

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fancied relief of pressure on the ureters, such as some attempt

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amputated for malignant disease at the wrist mentioned to me that, preparatory

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tioner for its perusal by the interest and value of its

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25. Letters op Bishop Grosseteste, illustrative of the Social Con-

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and cried often. There was general hypera^sthesia His sight was impaired

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sen came to America in 1881 and located at Albert Lea, in 1882, where he had a

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Actite Gangrenous Cholecystitis, with Report of Case 645

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^ith Olive Oil and Potash, will cure the disease in two weeks.

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of some toxic agent on the renal structures ; in many cases the toxic agent

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