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chance of competing with men in the professions. Then, again, as re-
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perature 38° to 38-4° C. ; respiration 25 to 32 ; pulse 60 to 64.
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others, like myself, may be wise, and save the life of one near and dear to them. I
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a grocer's patience to find in the nomenclature of disease; that cases of
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hospital in Edinburgh for the Diseases of Women as a memorial of
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they pass over the gliding surface of the sesamoids, was ruptured at its
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mens. 5. Photograi>hs, Drawings, Casts, and Models of Pathological
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Band. 2. Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumours and Effusions by
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.St. George's, i P.M. — Central London Ophthalmic, i p.m. — Royal
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capacity, and its relation with the weight and height ; the amount of
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alveolus was closed the sinus was continually full of decomposing food
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rinaire, just half a century ago set forth the character of complete and
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would be cured by a few applications of the tooth rasp.
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it not impossible that, as this subject interests me so nearly in its prac-
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Or lenient to clogg'd stomach mallow." — Epod. II, 53.
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to the rise of streams without resort to artificial means ; and in many
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grew so marked that the animal, even at moderate paces, several times
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more closely resemble incisors. Their shape is either prismatic,
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delimited by a layer of dense connective tissue, might be mistaken for
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* Horace's references to "medicus," the doctor, are the following :
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at a distance, the operation may be reversed by conveying a hospital to
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slowness and irregularity of the pulse. He prescribed nux vomica and
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eighteen months, or two years, the good effects are found to have
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1. Systolic murmiu' over heart ; pulmonic murnuu*. 3. Pain
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although continuing to feed well, began to cough and to rapidly pine
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to fight for it. In a no less noble, though less militant spirit, the
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extreme types numerous transition forms exist, and one variety can
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Her countenance was natural, the pulse about go, the abdomen tolerant
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particularly ; but although the horse is probably the hardest worked of