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PcTLiiORABT Consumption, Pneumonia, and Allied Diseases of

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thigh. It was not increased on walking about or in rid-

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legacy which they, among others, have left us, must be

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Operation: Sept. 6, 1900 (operator, Dr. Hunner), a median

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hip-joint disease on the right side. I examined the

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monary edema not consequent on a failing heart. In these

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delirium tremens. No complications on the part of the eye ac-

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Dr. John Madden, Milwaukee, Wis., "The Recrudescence of Alco-

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joined with a small tincture of an alcaline disposition."

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Great Britain : England — Liverpool, April 6-13, 2 deaths. Wales

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Society be made the official organ of the city, local, county and

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continence, and tell our young men that while the sexual

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occurred, 3 of which followed operations, thus giving a death-

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absorption. Senile absorption may occur at any period in the

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