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cough. Expectoration may occur in other conditions, but its

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description of how this detestable habit finally produces an incompetency to pei

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a patient with this disease is studied over a prolonged course

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America, and finally spread a horrible distemper over the face of the whole world,


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brains or bodies, were the most sensitive and nervous, and the most likely to be-

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- - tan,) others having neither feet, hands, backbone nor scales, (as worms,)

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grub or stone in kidneys ? are they ulcerated or cancerous, or wasting away ? does

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John Crocker, of Richmond, who died 1815, lived beyond the age of 100 years.

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little outbreak, as recorded by Mr. BadclifPe in an official report to

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are to be considered as the terminal organs of the motor nerves.

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form the granulation-tissue, with which we are now so well

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physiolo^cai research; we do not know of any other which has

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or visit their own child a raving maniac or emaciated consumptive, made so by their

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amounts to thirty-two grains per minute, three ounces and a quarter per hour, or

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The violence of the choreic movements continued unabated, and sordes

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pressure or from nervons influences, or some alteration in the

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some being of a brilliant white, others of darker tints, such as

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Surely an infiltration of the parenchyma of the lungs by cancer

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Toe-to-object-above-patient test: This was normally performed.

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dizziness, but not by the usual pain aura described before.

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effect in diseases of the entire genito-urinary system. In affections

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given him, namely, restriction of concentrated carbohydrate

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struction." Wherefore " incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to

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From the mortification that many sensitive ladies, entirely innocent of evil, expe-

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bowels? ruptured — in right or left side, or at the navel ? fistula of the rectum — in-