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the Continent. We feel that the benign influence of Amer-
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to determine the existence of the characteristic lesions. This reveals, ac-
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the cause was not inherent in the antitoxin. Sincerely yours,
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St. George's and St. James's Dispensary.— Surgeon.
Abscess of the liver sometimes followed dysentery. Those
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■nnpleasant collection of symptoms which constitutes what is
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sion, even when rmnfordizid. The German or close stove affords
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slightest halt in the gait. This has been my uniform
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to establish a mean normal pressure in the capillaries. And then even
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properties. It is administered subcutaneously in emulsion and
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seemed considerably better. The nystagmus was less noticeable, still
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tous, and the veins are filled with dark fluid blood. There is a
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leading and unknown things of this earth it is the element,
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Dr. C. A. Pennington, of Tahlequah) ; Fractures in or near
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two following days ; and he was seen by a medical man
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IJellevue Hospital. Med. Rec, N. T., 1899. Ivi. 939.—
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married to the young lady who had waited for him during the
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21st. — Slept well ; coughs occasionally, and expectorates freely large
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Corps as deputy superintendents. The number of ofBcers in
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of air breathed must be an important factor in the production of dysp-
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very general concurrence of sentiment, that they are to be
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both to the knee joint and to the back, and also cups to the
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its report for the prior year to the Council for its
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offered to the Society not as something new, but as bear-
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origin of rumination ; it was believed, for instance, that
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going to the Botanic Gardens on Sunday ; but we know that all funerals
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the first tapping, emaciation progresses much more rapidly than previ-
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2. The verification of the anatomical fact of the crossing of the optic
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reports fourteen cataracts and four iridectomies treated
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Voted, That the Secretary communicate to Miss Salisbury
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psychic signs of hypogenitalism. In such subjects of either sex sterility
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large number of animals, especially laboratory animals, have certainly
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ing or callosal fibres. These latter convolutions, which are
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nodes. The (dinical ])icture with anc^nia and prolonged fever is
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Dr. Watson, of Dubuque, the venerable expounder of the constitution,
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Pott cut down upon it— although it appears to have occasioned
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cover-glass is then washed in water and counter-stained iu
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The results of the inoculation of cultures of Bacillus actinoides
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shows the specialties of these physicians. Family practice,
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On his return to Glasgow he found himself free to devote his
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years of age, who had suffered for several years with in-
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means. Inclement weather we cannot prevent, but we can
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• Remedial medical services designed to alleviate adverse medical/surgical results.
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factory results. Of styptics in gunshot wounds the best is tincture of matico
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large magnet should alM ays be employed. Bullets or fragments of shells have