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unfavourable symptom, till the ninth day, when a portion of the placental mass,

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testines, occurring in typhoid fever, and the direct vascular con-

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absorption is uniform one would expect uniform excretion, or at

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Marked swelling of both patellae similar to that of the olecranons. Some

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that his sputum was blood-streaked. This persisted for about one week,

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ably enlarged." With the view of obviating this subsequent protru-

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an eloquent ex]iosition of the defects in the present system of medical education

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sioning dangerous spasm, or various dyspeptic symptoms; or it may seize on the

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outgrown and of which as a child he was secretly ashamed.

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there is always a great liability. The combination I use with the view to

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days, three times a day; was kept entirely on barley water, during that time, un-

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any mechanical obstruction of the intestine; as they occurred not less freqviently

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Some interesting cases of pneumothorax and vomicae follow, with remarks on

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to ulceration of its lining membrane. This appears to have been the

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upon record. Dr. Christison mentions three hours, as the shortest period that he

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occurrence, given on the authority of Dr. Rush, which took place in

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while the pure enchondromas are most frequent on these parts.

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tion in the umbilical vessels being more or less compressed, the child would either

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2. What proportion of both thyroid lobes is it necessary to

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of the organ of which the affected tissue forms a part, nor of those

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red and puffy. Conditions suggested an abscess, but the radiograph

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injudiciously continued, the integrity of the tendons themselves would have been

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complications ensued. In some cases the number diminished during

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present a total acidity of 54, free hydrochloric acid, 48; blood; a bit of

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as feeling well, disinclined to come back to the hospital and husband was

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as of infectious nature, the etiological agent has remained undeter-

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the term urobilin is used without mention of urobilinogen, the sum

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the results following a second injection, a number of patients

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The third variety of lesion seen only in the animals that had

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ing the mass of blood; exciting convulsive twitchings and .spasmodic contrac-

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that can ever be hoped for from the art of chymistry. Of this fact I am

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in the medium becomes apparent. The rapidity w r ith which it

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the tuber below this, and passed down along two-thirds of the medulla ob-

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issued but two days in the week, the mortality of these two ranks was nearly

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ceased and four of the living patients at an early period. Chronic

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elevation of the rest of the tissue, was not easy to be determined; certainly they

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known to all our readers, who have given any attention to the subject,