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from subperiosteal hemorrhage, ecchymoses, occasionally spongy

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Examination in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics _ 425

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panied from time to time with stitching sensations, or pains in the chest,

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vitality with which they are physiologically endued, exhibited

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the cord and the nerves which have been divided become virulent, but the

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The character of Dr. Lee's mind, and the range of studies

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by Mr. Blackburn, who was a dresser of; were daily increasing, and his health de-

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“In our opinion,” they say, “at least four con-

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(Illustruted). Howard Lilienthal, M. D., Attending Surgeon Mt.

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definitely established that sugar may be present in any form of transudate

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land, with observations on the causes of the epidemic

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fessor of the theory and practice of medicine. Queen's Col-

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num" — p. 77. We consider that this opinion is too exclusive; such a second-

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and a description of the vacuum chamber are in our possession, also

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structures are not involved, and which do not extend far onto the mucous

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nosis, and the great importance of attending to the sputa and other indications. "{a)

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ond symptom is the formation of an increasing crust similar to what is

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North Central Division — Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minne-

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or carbonate of soda. A similar effect was also produced on digesting the sul-

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This organism is figured by Greville* as Floccaria glauca; it is cited

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Thorium X given in about % the lethal amount seven days before

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profession in a more improved state than that in which he found it

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Pocket Microscopes, Ear Microscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Uri-

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are necessary to be observed, such as insuring that the stomach be empty,

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ogist in Franklin for 32 years; University of Tennessee

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in Department of the South, and to report in person to

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tem that the abdominal section had ceased to be a formidable operation,

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such cases the foetus died very early and was absorbed.

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The advocates of method No. 1 claim that quinine taken in this way is